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soup broth chowder bisque guk soupe sopa
mexican fava bean soup sopa de habas
asparagus and pea soup with coconut
cold tahini and cucumber soup
cream of pumpkin and apple soup
green summer soup with dill
quick leek and broccoli soup
pumpkin soup with bell pepper
raw corn and avocado soup
borscht soup
matzo ball soup
modern miso soup
vegan alphagetti soup
super chunky lentil and zucchini soup
vegan ash reshteh soup
vegan traditional hungarian bean soup with csipetke noodles
spanish ajoblanco white garlic cold soup
spanish salmorejo and avocado toast cold soup
vegan miso soup with tofu and kale
vegan thai soup
zesty chilled beetroot soup
carrot and coriander soup
vegan french onion soup with crusty cheese crouton
cabbage soup λαχανόσουπα
lefki fasolada white bean soup
manestra tomato orzo soup
tahinosoupa tahini soup
seaweed soup
seiyan miso soup
soondooboo or soon tofu soup
canh khổ qua chay vegan stuffed bitter melon soup
miso soup
spinach and kale monster soup
albondigas soup mexican
bisi bele bath pressure cooker split-pea brown rice soup
dal baati – pigeon pea soup with stuffed pastries
spiced lentil chard soup – hariyali dal
vegan egg drop soup
indian dal soup
kharcho soup georgian
mushroom and barley soup
red lentil and pumpkin soup
sauerkraut shchi - russian traditional soup

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