Lentil-Sprout Soup for one

Created 2020 April 26


 1   cup  water
 .25 cup lentil-sprouts
 1   Tbsp Ajvar (red-pepper sauce or paste)
 1.  Tsp apple cider vinager
 1.  Tsp nutritional yeast
 .5  tsp  AROY-D red-curry paste 
          (or CHOYSCO tom-yum paste)
 .5  tsp Better than Bullion (vegetable based)

 Some Vegetables
   1 garlic clove chopped
   1 baby carrot chopped
   1 radish chopped
   1 red onion chopped


 * Put 1 cup of water in a pot.
 * Mix in red-curry or tom yum paste
 * Mix in veg bullion paste
 * Add nutritional yeast and apple-cider vinager
 * Add lentil-sprouts, garlic, and carrot,
 * Bring to boil. Turn down to medium.
 * Cook for 4 min
 * Turn off heat, add radish, and red onion
 * Serve

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