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asparagus and coconut soup
asparagus and mushroom crepes
chickpea panisse with pistachio-pea purée asparagus and maitake mushrooms
lomi sea asparagus
white asparagus gazpacho
asparagus and lima-bean pasta-salad
asparagus and millet salad
asparagus and pea soup with coconut
asparagus tart with strawberry salsa
green quinoa bowl with asparagus and zucchini
green tabbouleh w asparagus and avocado
grilled portobello burger with asparagus
one-pot asparagus and spinach gnocchi
quick hummus pasta with asparagus
lemon cashew asparagus
vegan lemon and asparagus pasta
asparagus pasta
vegan asparagus soup
springtime farro with asparagus leek and mushroom
vegan asparagus spirals
dutch asparagus with vegan hollandaise-sauce
elbows in red-pepper alfredo with red onions and asparagus
fettuccine with tomato cream sauce and asparagus
penne with basil cashew pesto asparagus and red bell pepper
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