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coconut vodka sauce
easy cheese sauce
green tkemali georgian sour plum sauce
mushroom creme sauce or gravy
kale and potato tacos with cilantro cream sauce
spicy avocado sauce for tacos
pasta with kidney-bean sauce
roasted aubergine with tahini and cashew sauce
vegan joppie sauce
rainbow shirataki bowl with peanut lime sauce
mushroom sauce
vegan alfredo sauce
vegan caramel sauce
vegan tartar sauce
baked tofu with 3-2-1 sauce
tartar sauce
tahini lemon sauce
banana bowls with strawberry sauce
enchiladas with chunky salsa cheesy sauce and spicy nut meat
pasta with cashew sauce and avocado
sushi with sprouts and tahini miso ginger sauce
yam noodles with miso sauce
bhuna masala sauce – 30 minute 1-pot
chickpeas in coconut onion sauce – manglorean chana gassi
creamy white pasta sauce in a jar
crispy tofu with sweet chili sauce
eggplant and tofu in soy lime sauce – baked
hemp-tofu in rich creamy pasanda sauce paneer gluten-free soy-free
penne and broccoli in doritos cream sauce
tofu and cauliflower in kolhapuri sauce
vegan methi malai paneer tofu fenugreekgreens in creamy sauce
vegan tofu amritsari masala – in smoky spicy tomato cream sauce
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