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vegetables with bulgar (subzee ka haleem) 35 vegetarian indian
vegetable jalfrezi (subzee) 36 vegetarian indian
vegetables in tangy sauce (khutti meethi subzee) 38 vegetarian indian
mixed vegetables in butter sauce (mili huwi subzee makhan) 41 vegetarian indian
deep-fried vegetables in yogurt sauce (thali huwi subzee dhahee may) 58 vegetarian indian
cauliflower carrots potatoes in spicy yogurt sauce (masala walay dahee may subzee) 59 vegetarian indian
zucchini and carrots in olive-oil (sarson kay thail may subzee) 60 vegetarian indian
vegetables in saffron sauce (zafrani subzee) 62 vegetarian indian
vegetables in pasanda sauce (subzee kay pasanday) 65 vegetarian indian
masoor dhaal with vegetables (subzee) 78 vegetarian indian
<substitutions  vegan v8n  baking  subzi>

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<substitutions  vegan v8n  baking  subzi>
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