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COOKBOOK patties Category

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By Vegan Cookbook Title

Recipe Page By Vegan Cookbook
also-see burger burgers patty patties kofta croquettes tikki 22 001 also see
jamaican patties stuffed with maque choux 122 afro-vegan
salmonless patties with hollandaise-sauce 193 anis raw food kitchen
burger patties 86 buddhist chef
spicy potato patties 65 caribbean vegan
vegan beef-less patties 108 caribbean vegan
lentil patties 110 caribbean vegan
spicy potato patties 90 caribbean vegan 2nd ed
lentil patties 134 caribbean vegan 2nd ed
vegan beef-less patties 144 caribbean vegan 2nd ed
crispy potato leek patties with lemon dill dip 22 chloes kitchen
hummus patties 86 easy vegan cooking
hazelnut and potato patties 110 easy vegan cooking
seaweed and potato patties 87 enlightened kitchen
jamaican tempeh patties 150 everything vegan
baked millet patties 176 everything vegan cookbook
easy falafel patties 212 everything vegan cookbook
basic baked tempeh patties 262 everything vegan cookbook
veggie burger patties 158 gorilla food
jamaican jackfruit patties 99 great gluten-free vegan eats from around the world
sliders (garbanzo patties) 122 grilling vegan style
quinoa patties (victoria-bc canada) 112 happycow cookbook
turmeric hemp white-bean burger patties 117 healthy happy vegan kitchen
southern burgers black-eyed pea collard green patties 123 healthy happy vegan kitchen
bean patties with harissa 138 how not to die cookbook
bean patties 56 keep it vegan
curried chickpea patties in pitas 110 quick-fix vegan
falafel patties (raw) 65 raw the uncook book
gords fishless patties (raw) 136 raw the uncook book
nut loaf patties 153 rawlicious at home
smoky tempeh patties 133 short-cut vegan
millet and cashew patties with tomato-sauce 120 single vegan
cajun black-eped pea and corn patties 62 supermarket vegan
indian chickpea patties 63 supermarket vegan
chocolate peppermint patties gf 255 sweet eats for all
tapioca and potato patties (sabudana vada) 33 the asian vegan kitchen
thai black-bean tofu and potato patties 38 the best veggie burgers on the planet
ethiopian berbere patties (sf) 143 the best veggie burgers on the planet
baked crispy chickpea seitan patties (sf) 22 the great vegan bean book
black-bean breakfast sausage patties (sf gfo) 24 the great vegan bean book
crispy chickpea patties and cornbread waffles 102 the great vegan bean book
breakfast sausage patties 140 the happy herbivore
crunchy burger patties (gf) 61 the naked kitchen veggie burger book
eggplant pecan patties 131 the new enlightened eating
millet rice patties with spelt 132 the new enlightened eating
breakfast patties 41 the plant pure nation cookbook
cheese patties 162 the raw transformation
sweet-potato patties with 105 the tropical vegan kitchen
jamaican patties 82 the vegan cookbook 86 plant-based recipes
inside-out peppermint patties 258 the vegan cookie connoisseur
black-bean veggie burger patties (gf) 65 thrive energy cookbook
red-lentil and chickpea burger patties (gf) 66 thrive energy cookbook
falafel patties (gf) 67 thrive energy cookbook
herbed breakfast sausage patties 50 vegan diner
jamaican curry seitan patties 213 vegan eats world
spicy sweet-potato patties (aloo tikki) 105 vegan indian cooking
jamaican patties 82 vegan over 90
za-tar spiced bean patties with curry sauce 270 vegan planet
indian lentil patties with 3 fruit chutney 425 vegan planet
potato quinoa patties (aloo tikki) 40 vegan richas indian kitchen
bean burger basics tips (pressure) patties loaves 232 vegan under pressure
thai split-pea patties (pressure) 249 vegan under pressure
tempeh and white bean sausage patties 18 vegan with a vengeance
tempeh and white bean sausage patties 16 vegan with a vengeance 10th anniversary
teff patties 240 vickis vegan kitchen
moroccan chickpea patties (wfo) 97 vive le vegan
pumpkin-seed lentil patties (wfo) 98 vive le vegan

By V8N Cookbook Title

Recipe Page By V8N Cookbook
vegetarian patties (sabzi kabab) 183 classic indian vegetarian and grain cooking
chickpea and burghul patties 180 classic vegetarian cooking from the middle east and north africa
stuffed potato patties (kuftat batata) 234 classic vegetarian cooking from the middle east and north africa
black-eyed pea patties with garlic pepper salsa 180 cooking light way to cook vegetarian
moothya (spicy patties) 12 dakshas gourmet spices cookbook 3
idlis (steamed rice and urad dal patties) 209 indian vegetarian cooking from an american kitchen
merren en kartoffel koklaten (carrot and potato patties) 161 jewish vegetarian cooking
cauliflower koklaten (patties) 166 jewish vegetarian cooking
baked gefilte patties (eggplant) 168 jewish vegetarian cooking
leek patties 170 jewish vegetarian cooking
toasted red lentil and bulgur patties (mercimek koftesi) vegan 76 mediterranean vegetarian feasts
ragdha pethis (mushy pea soup with potato patties) vegan wf nf 74 prashad at home
pav vada (spicy bread and potato patties) vegan wf nf) 114 prashad at home
vegetable kofta (patties in coriander garlic tomato-sauce) vegan 184 prashad at home
bean and carrot casserole or patties 24 soul to soul
golden squash patties 40 soul to soul
burger patties 40 soul to soul
soybean patties 47 soul to soul
eggplant patties 47 soul to soul
whole-wheat carrot patties 47 soul to soul
plantain patties 74 the ethnic vegetarian
bean patties 206 the ethnic vegetarian
baked patties with cilantro yogurt 109 the vegetarians complete quinoa cookbook
cabbage and onion patties (bandh gobi anglo indian patty) 260 vegetarian india
potato patties (aloo anglo indian patty) 262 vegetarian india
lentil and vegetable patties 83 vegetarian indian
golden mung bean patties (tikkia) 57 vegetarian indian food and cooking
savory nut patties on sesame buns 89 vegetarian sandwiches
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By Baking Cookbook Title

Recipe Page By Baking Cookbook
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