Vegan No-Knead Wheat and Spelt bread

Revised 2020 April 13
Created 2020 April  8

200g    All purpose flour
200g    Whole spelt flour
8.5g    salt (.5 tbsp)

8g      yeast (1 tbsp)
10g     sugar (1 tbsp)
350g    water 

1 tbsp  Flax (optional)
2 tbsp  Water, if using flax

Soy milk (optional for glaze)
Seeds (optional)

* Put water in a microwave safe bowl
* Warm water to about 33C to 38C (lukewarm)
* Disolve sugar in water
* Add yeast to water 
* Let yeast sit for 10 minutes 

Flax (Optional)
* Mix flax with water

* Sift all purpose flour into large dry bowl
* Sift spelt flour into bowl
* Sift salt into bowl
* Mix dry ingredients

* Stir wet ingredients into dry
* Mix in Flax, if using
* Pour dough into greased loaf pan
* Either 
  * Proof dough at 80C for 30 min, or
  * Cover dough and let it rise 30 min 
    (in a warm place)
* Mist with water OR brush with soy milk
* Sprinkle with seeds

* Put baking stone or baking iron in oven 
  (if you have one, or even a cookie tray)
* Preheat oven to 375F
* Bake at 375F for 25 min
* Remove from oven
* Let cool 60 min.