Overnight Vegan No-Knead Wheat Bread

Revised 2020 April 13
Created 2020 April 11

200g    All purpose flour
200g    Whole wheat flour
.75 tsp Salt

.5 tsp  Yeast 
.5 tsp  Sugar 
350g    Water 

 10g    Flax (ground) 1 tbsp (Optional)
 30g    extra water for flax, if using

1 tsp Soy milk (optional for glaze)

* Put water in a microwave safe bowl
* Warm water to 20C (room temp)
* Disolve sugar in water
* Add yeast to water 
* Let yeast sit for 10 minutes 

Flax (optional)
* soak flax in 2 tbsp water

* Sift all purpose flour into large dry bowl
* Sift Whole wheat flour into bowl
* Sift salt into bowl
* Mix dry ingredients

* Stir wet ingredients into dry
* If using Flax, mix into bowl
* Cover and let rise all night
* In morning, use spatula around edge of bowl 
  to pull dough toward center 
  (thus streching and degassing).
* Pour dough into greased loaf pan.
* Cover pan and let dough rise 90 min
  (until dough rises to top of pan)

* Put baking stone or baking iron in oven 
  (if you have one, or even a cookie tray)
* Preheat oven to 375F
* Brush dough with soya milk (optional)
* Bake at 375F for 25 min
* Remove from oven
* Let cool 60 min. Would you believe 30?