Attention Vegan Recipe Bloggers

My Mission

To help people find vegan recipes.

Printed Cookbook or Online?

When I meet vegans or vegetarians I ask them if they use cookbooks. Mostly they say "No I look stuff up on the internet."

So I have started to index online recipes also.

I do NOT Want to Copy your Recipes

I want to link to them.

Pictures communicate faster than words

I think links are more effective with a picture. For each recipe, it would be nice to have a photo scaled down to icon size (200px high maximum.)


Many online authors worry about having their content copied. One partial solution is to watermark your images. Take a look at my blog for an example.

My Vegan Blog

Need Explict Agreement to Use Your Images as Icons

If you agree, I can scale down one image per recipe, watermark it with your website name, and use it as a link to your recipe.

If you already have icons, thats even better.

Let me Know

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